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J.M. Norwood, Author

About the Author

J.M. Norwood, a proud Gen-Xer, resides in the New York City metropolitan area and holds down a successful career in the hip-hop music industry.  Hobbies include writing, traveling, listening to music, cooking, reading and surfing the ‘net.  Favorite films include the Star Wars movies; favorite books include the Chronicles Of Narnia and anything about the history of England.  J.M. Norwood is also active in the neighborhood church.

The Twelfth Window is J.M. Norwood’s first major publication.

About the Book
Set in a fantasy 1980s suburb, The Twelfth Window is a new way to tell about the relationship between God and men, showing how the Bible is really a love story.  

The Twelfth Window is the first of a planned series of seven in the Cychaea Series, which has been in existence on looseleaf and spiral notebook paper since 1980.  J.M. Norwood has already begun updated rough drafts of the two preceding story lines that take place millions of years before the world portrayed in The Twelfth Window.  And should popular demand dictate, J.M. Norwood also has some cool ideas for a direct sequel to The Twelfth Window!

(Big shoutout here to J.K. Rowling, C.S. Lewis, George Lucas and J.R.R. Tolkien, who are major influences and inspirations that gave birth to the Cychaea Series).

The Twelfth Window. All Rights Reserved. 2007